Getting children moved by learning

Schillerschule Unna

A school that gets children moved by learning

The Schillerschule in Unna, a primary school in Germany, is well aware of the benefits of active lifestyles and tries to keep children moving all day, during PE classes and normal lectures. Since the start of this academic year (2018), the school has used the smart cube iMO-LEARN to promote active learning through analogue and digital activities.

Active learning with iMO-LEARN

Teachers connect the iMO-LEARNs to the online learning platform i3LEARNHUB using the motion detection sensors as digital learning tools.

For example, in some classes iMO-LEARN is used to teach about waste separation in a playful and active way. The children each stand with an iMO-LEARN next to the floor projection generated by the i3LIGHTHOUSE.


They have to decide whether the projected image is paper, plastic or general waste. Then they have to turn the iMO-LEARN to the colour that corresponds with each type of waste, and shake it to confirm. The software automatically checks whether the children's input is right or wrong.

The teachers are convinced that iMO-LEARN is a useful learning tool for their lessons. "iMO-LEARN is a great starting point for children to interact and work with each other, and they don't have to sit still to learn. It helps them to learn, move and have fun while learning"!