Flanders Synergy
Day of the smart school

Day of the smart school

In October 2017, Flanders Synergy organized the ‘Day of the smart school’ in the Flemish Parliament for teachers with a smart and flexible school organization.

i3-Technologies made no fewer than 250 iMO-LEARNs available for the Flemish Parliament to show teachers how they can organize themselves in a flexible way which is also ergonomic and dynamic.

Flanders Synergy is a company that promotes and initiates innovations in Flemish work organizations.

All advantages at a glance

Teachers quickly learned the practical advantages of iMO-LEARN during the workshops. When moving during sessions to different rooms, they could just bring the cubes. Their light weight makes them easy to move, which allows class configurations to be altered quickly. In addition, the cubes can withstand fall damage as they are very durable.

Aside from their practical advantages, the iMO-LEARNs also provide movement activities to encourage children and grown-ups to move more. They make lessons or teambuilding sessions more interactive and attractive. On the 'Day of the smart school' teachers performed different activities which are suitable for both children and grown-ups.


iMO-LEARN can be used as warm-up of a teambuilding session. The participants are divided in groups and each stand on a cube. When all participants are standing on the cubes, they have to turn the cubes to a specific side. However, they have to keep their balance on the cubes. Standing close and teamwork is key.

Beat the drum

This activity is also intended as a warm-up of a teambuilding session. All participants are standing on the cubes. Several people spread out in the room and beat a different rhythm. Which rhythm do the participants follow? Or do they start their own rhythm? This exercise allows you to learn someone’s character easily.

In my opinion...

The iMO-LEARN can be used to state your opinion about a certain statement. If you agree with the statement, you stand on the cube. If you don’t agree, you have to sit on the cube. If there are multiple statements, you have to turn the cube to a specific color. Afterwards everyone has to explain their opinion.

Speed dating

The iMO-LEARNs are set up in a dialogue circle consisting of two different groups. One half of the participants is sitting in the inner circle facing outwards and the other half is sitting in the outer circle facing inwards. The people in the outer circle have to swap places, so they’re always facing a different person in the inner circle. The purpose is to start a dialogue with the person sitting across.

Building constructions

The participants receive a construction card. They try to build the construction (taking into account the number of cubes and dots on the cubes). They have to take proper steps to build a solid construction and discuss which method they will use.


These examples show that the movement activities of the iMO-LEARN are not limited to children. The exercises can be freely adapted to match with any group. The same goes for the set-up of the iMO-LEARNs, which can be adapted depending on the group or space.

iMO-LEARN makes every environment flexible.