Colegio Virgen de Pompeya is a catholic school founded in 1961 by the Hermanas Domenicas de la Anunciata congregation. The school's education is not paid by parents, but by a mix of the congregation’s budget and monthly support from the state. As such, the school has very scarce resources which needs to be administrated with extreme strictness.

In 2015, this school implemented interactive flat panels in 8 classrooms with Connectis Chile, a channel specialized in long term projects. The board of the school agreed that this implementation needed to be further continued, strengthening the focus on content and on teacher’s development.

The project

In 2017, Connectis Chile continued to support the school’s implementation and started looking for a more advanced and learning-centered solution.

By that time Connectis became an i3-Technologies partner and started the second phase of the project, which consisted of deploying 20 more classrooms in Primary School. The standards were higher this time since technology was present in the school for 2 years now and awareness had widely grown.

Our Solution

The school directors wanted a more comprehensive solution, one that would suit most of the different teaching and learning needs. As a result, the school chose to implement 20 classrooms with i3-TOUCH 4K 75” interactive flat panels with Corei5 OPS (internal mini-pcs) with Windows 10 Pro.

The size of the displays is larger and offers better visibility (to accommodate for a larger number of students). As the display has both the integrated Android system and the Windows computer, it offers the teachers an all-in-one solution that helps them take advantage of the different available teaching tools.


With the support of Connectis Chile and our team in LATAM, we were able to train and support teachers in a much better way than before, helping them achieve better academic results and stronger classroom dynamics: now all students want to participate and take action in the assignments that involve the use of their i3TOUCH displays.

Next steps include piloting iMO-LEARN (from August onwards) since the teachers have seen the solution in action in a recent end-user event and watched first hand the learning potential of the solution.

Watch the case study of Colegio Virgen de Pompeya