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Anytime, anywhere, any device

i3LEARNHUB is plug & play. It is easily accessible on any device. Whether you are at home, on the train or in the classroom, if you see an idea on the internet, you can easily add it to your lesson in i3LEARNHUB, on your laptop, via the interactive board, or via your tablet or smartphone.

Powerful science content

Deliver engaging and effective science lessons with the built-in interactive 3D models from Lifeliqe. Make science more interesting and encourage your students to be lifelong learners through visual, hands-on, and deep learning 3D experiences.

Supports traditional work forms

Combine traditional measurement tools with digital technology. We offer a compass, set square and ruler to use on the interactive whiteboard. This is perfect to make geometry exercises easier to understand for your students.

No training needed

The learning platform has a simple interface that requires no training. The buttons are all are easy to find and understand. Organise your favorite features in a floating toolbar, so you will not lose time looking for buttons or understanding which button does what.



Anytime, anywhere, any device

i3LEARNHUB is a cloud based learning platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

No training needed

The learning platform has a simple interface that requires no training.

Augmented reality tools

Show geometric construction step by step on the interactive whiteboard, exactly the same way as you used to on a traditional chalk board.

Thousands of pre-made assets

Enjoy free access to a built-in community and thousands of lesson activities created by your peers.

Integrated web search

The built-in Bing safe search opens up a world of easy to find assets safe for everyone to use.

Cloud storage integration

Save time and repurpose your content repository (Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive) with i3LEARNHUB in one go.

Works with any browser

The collaboration module in i3LEARNHUB enables 1:1 interaction across any device, without the need to install anything.

Interactive apps

The built-in gallery contains hundreds of curriculum aligned animations and customizable templates to create interactive personalized activities.

Student centered learning

Save time and money by handing out, collecting, grading and archiving homework from the same interface.

Multi-user interaction

Split the screen and allow up to 4 students to come to the board and do an exercise simultaneously.

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