i3SYNC Pro
Wireless presenting

Hassle-free presenting

The i3SYNC Pro enables participants to share content on a central screen at the push of a button. The tool is compatible with all devices that have a HDMI connection. Plug in the wireless transmitter and receiver and you’re ready for instant sharing.

Efficient collaboration

Let everyone in the room share their own content: connect multiple transmitters to one i3SYNC receiver and easily switch between different presentations with a single click.

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Wireless sharing

i3SYNC consists of a transmitter and receiver that communicate wirelessly, even without internet connection.

Multiple presenters

You can connect up to 256 transmitters to one receiver.

Plug & play

Plug the transmitter into your laptop and press the button once to start the screen sharing session. No installation needed.

Extended desktop

Use the extended desktop function to show different content on your laptop and on the display.

Secure connection

Establish a secure connection between receiver and transmitter.

OS independent

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android & Linux


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