Interactive whiteboard

Engage students in
learning activities

The i3BOARD has all the tools to bring engagement into the classroom. Let students experience true collaboration on the multi-touch interactive whiteboard: split the screen and allow multiple learning activities at the same time.

Promote 21st century skills

Tap into a wide array of visual lesson content with our award-listed online learning platform i3LEARNHUB. Promote skills like communication and collaboration to make learning more lasting and effective.

Welcome to the
infinite workspace

With the i3BOARD 135 inch, there are no limits to your workspace. Even people at the back of the meeting room will always have perfect visibility, and a large workspace to collaborate and interact with multiple people.


Shape recognition

The multi-touch technology tracks touches intuitively and accurately. It recognizes touch size and the shape of pens, fingers, augmented reality tools and other solid objects.

Augmented reality

Combine traditional measurement tools with digital technology. Use the compass, protractor and ruler on the i3BOARD to make geometry exercises easier to understand for your students.

V-Sense technology

This technology uses sensors in the full frame of the display to detect touches even if dust or other objects are obstructing portions of the frame.

20 touch points

The i3BOARD has a multi-touch technology that recognizes 20 touch points simultaneously.

Dual writing

The i3BOARD has a surface made of durable ceramic steel that allows you to write with both wet and dry erase markers.

Sizes up to 135 inch

The i3BOARD is available in 77", 87", 100" and 135" inch format.


V-SenseFC-UPDD_06_00_439.dmg (MacOS) 19.31 MB
  • i3BOARD Gen 05
V-Sense FC Driver (Windows) 6.69 MB
  • i3BOARD Gen 05
V-Sense Driver (Windows) 9.78 MB
  • i3BOARD Gen 02
  • i3BOARD Gen 03
  • i3BOARD Gen 04
V-SENSE-UPDD_06_00_465 (Mac OSC) 20.24 MB
  • i3BOARD Gen 02
  • i3BOARD Gen 03
  • i3BOARD Gen 04


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