Learn by moving

What is iMO-LEARN?

iMO-LEARN is an active sitting cube designed to promote active movement in the classroom. It combines both analog & digital features to give students many opportunities to learn by moving.

Rethink the classroom

The classroom setup has a big impact on student performance and creativity. With its unique shape iMO-LEARN introduces an ergonomic way to sit in the classroom, and the flexibility to change the setup to support different learning styles.

Promote active learning

Active learners are more motivated and have more fun in class. Let your students actively engage in various learning domains by letting them complete challenging brain teasers or physical activities with iMO-LEARN.

Analog activities

Activity manual
iMO-LEARN is available with an activity manual that contains 100 analogue activities in various learning domains to engage students in a very active and playful way.

Building constructions
iMO-LEARN is also available with a set of 40 building activities to help students practice teamwork and spatial orientation.

Engage students with
game-based learning

Connect iMO-LEARN to the Activity Builder in i3LEARNHUB to build online interactive activities for your students. Let them actively practice their vocabulary, spelling and cognitive skills in a playful, yet instructive way.


Dynamic sitting

iMO-LEARN has a unique shape and lightweight structure that provides an ergonomic way to sit in the classroom.

Analogue active learning

iMO-LEARN is available with a set of analogue exercises and building constructions to engage students in a very active and playful way.

Motion detection module

Equip iMO-LEARN with a motion detection module to communicate movements to the online learning platform i3LEARNHUB.

Digital active learning

Turn iMO-LEARN into an interactive and digital educational resource to engage your students with challenging quizzes and fun activities.

Dot stickers

Put the dot stickers on the iMO-LEARN to transform it into a dice.

Embodied learning

iMO-LEARN lets us involve our whole body in the learning process, so we can better memorise and focus. This is what we call embodied learning.

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