Wireless Presenting




i3SYNC Pro

Wireless screen sharing



i3SYNC Touch

Wireless screen sharing with touch

Plug in the dongle to share your screen and navigate through your shared content from the presentation screen without a remote. Quickly browse through your slides or open other apps effortlessly.

wireless-touch.png     Wireless touchback

No Wifi needed     No WiFi needed

Plug and Play     Plug & play

ICON_ANY_DEVICE_170x170.png (1)     Share content from any device

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Wireless screen sharing app

No more need for additional hardware. With the i3ALLSYNC app, everyone can share their screen wirelessly from any device. All you need is a the i3ALLSYNC app.

Wireless touchback     Wireless touchback

Airplay     AirPlay integration

split screen     Show up to 4 devices simultaneously

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i3ALLSYNC HDMI Transmitter

Wireless screen sharing without installation

Share your screen instantly without any installation. You only need the i3ALLSYNC app on your display. Plug the transmitter in your device and press the button to start sharing.

Plug and Play     Plug & play

download     No software needed

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