Interactive Whiteboards



Get creative with the interactive whiteboard

Let students experience true collaboration on the multi-touch interactive whiteboard: split the screen and allow multiple learning activities at the same time.


Sceen size      Available in 77", 87", 100" and 135"

ICON_ASSETS_170x170.png      Excellent projection & dry erasability

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Durable surface for writing and projection 

Write with both wet and dry erase markers or use the surface as a projection screen. It reduces reflection from natural light and leaves no marks from erasing.

image quality     Excellent projection & dry erasability

dry erase and wet markers     Write with wet & dry erase markers

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i3PROJECTOR Non-interactive

Perfect combination with i3BOARD

The i3PROJECTOR and the i3BOARD are the perfect match for interactive teaching, training and presenting.

ICON_SHORT_THROW__2_170x170.png     Ultra-short-throw ratio

ICON_PLUG_PLAY_2_170x170.png     Plug & play

budget-power.png     Low power consumption

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i3PROJECTOR interactive

Turn any surface into an interactive screen

Transform any wall or traditional whiteboard into a collaborative learning space.

ICON_SHORT_THROW__2_170x170.png     Ultra-short-throw ratio

ICON_PLUG_PLAY_2_170x170.png     Plug & play

Pen touch     Pen touch

Natural touch     Finger touch

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