i3-Technologies and Lifeliqe team up to bring lessons to life


DIEST, BELGIUM, August 22, 2018 – i3-Technologies is proud to announce that it has teamed up with Lifeliqe, a visual learning platform that makes it exciting to learn and teach science with interactive 3D models, as well as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality. As of September 2018, the 3D science content from Lifeliqe will be integrated in i3LEARNHUB, the cloud-based lesson platform from i3-Technologies. This integration will enable teachers to deliver engaging and effective science lessons.

"The mission of Lifeliqe is to make science more interesting and encourage students to be lifelong learners. Our visual 3D content is able to increase their understanding of science and improve their learning outcomes. Teaming up with i3-Technologies will allow us to maximize student engagement and help them learn difficult science concepts easier and faster." says Martin Bukacek, the School Engagement Director of Lifeliqe.

“At i3-Technologies we are inspired by the way children learn today. We are committed to enhancing their digital learning experience." says Lisandro Nunez, Global Director of Business Development and Marketing for i3-Technologies. "Teaming up with Lifeliqe as an award-winning content provider was an obvious choice. We look forward to providing students with an intuitive and engaging learning experience with Lifeliqe and our cloud-based lesson platform.“

Children prefer to learn using rich, digital content and tools. The online lesson platform from i3-Technologies—complemented with the interactive 3D content from Lifeliqe—helps teachers find, create and share science content and resources quickly. This results in higher student engagement and excitement to learning more.
"i3LEARNHUB and Lifeliqe are two powerful learning platforms, says Olivier Dijkmans, Primary Teacher at Omnimundo in Antwerp, who leverages both tools in his lessons. Together they enable me to teach in an innovative way. I can use the 3D models to write on, manipulate and share with my students. This way I can give them a new way to look at the world around them”.

Lifeliqe is currently available in English and Spanish, and soon also available in Dutch, French and German.


About i3 Technologies:
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