Hans Similon in charge of Technolgy Division of i3-Group


“We are building a strong brand worldwide”


Diest, 23 January 2018 - i3-Technologies has recently welcomed Hans Similon on board as Chief Brand & Customer Experience Officer to guide the strong growth of the brand. ”Hans will help us recruit a ton of experience & creativity for our young brand,” says CEO Gert Van Erum.

Until not so long ago the i3-Group was a traditional company producing blackboards & school furniture. However, the market evolved very quickly and digital learning tools became a must in classrooms and meeting rooms. “Responding to these changes in the market, we took the drastic decision to launch our own technology brand in 2013 to better meet customer needs. That is how i3-Technologies was founded”.

Strong growth

After years of big changes, i3-Technologies started developing and producing a whole range of products – both hardware and software – for school and business environments. In just five years it became the largest department within our company. Today i3-Technologies has a turnover of 30 million euros and a distributor network that is active in more than seventy countries. In order to steer our growth in the right direction and turn it into a strong brand, we have brought Hans Similon on board", explains Gert Van Erum. "Hans has a lot of experience in the technology sector and knows how to give a brand a face and identity."


We know Hans Similon as one of the driving forces of telecom operator Mobile Vikings. The success of Mobile Vikings is largely due to customer focus. The strength of a brand lies in a strong community of satisfied users, a potential that is certainly present at i3-Technologies.

“The next step is to capture and interpret the experiences of our customers even better. For example, in Belgium alone our software is used by 15,000 teachers, globally this adds up to 25,000 users. We can use the strength of that community to improve the ease of use for everyone. I am convinced that we will succeed in this. Thanks to our enthusiastic and talented team and our cutting-edge products, I am sure i3-Technologies can set an example of a customer-oriented company in 2018.”


About i3-Group

i3-Group is a family business founded in 1968. The Group comprises of 3 divisions including systems integrations (including the production of school furniture under the brand-name Vanerum), production and distribution (of traditional blackboards complementary equipment also under the Vanerum brand) and the manufacturing and distribution of interactive digital technologies (under the i3-Technologies brand—the latter having grown the most quickly in particular). The i3-Group now makes its products availabile in more than 70 countries and employs 300 employees. Most recently, i3LEARNHUB, the online platform for cooperative learning from i3-Technologies, was nominated as the ‘Best Educational App of 2018’ by the Bett Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show).


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