i3-Technologies is extremely proud to announce that i3LEARNHUB has been shortlisted as a finalist for Educational App of the Year by the Bett Awards 2018 committee.

i3LEARNHUB is a cloud based learning platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device. Teachers can be sure they will always be able to access their work, wherever they are.

Its simple interface allows teachers to focus on teaching, not tools. They can organize their favorite features in a floating toolbar, so they will not lose time or face looking for buttons.

It’s the only platform in the world that recognizes physical measurement tools. Teachers can show geometric construction step by step on the interactive whiteboard, the same way as they used to on a traditional chalk board, and the same way as students need to learn.

The Bett Awards recognise, reward and promote the most outstanding education technology solutions available today. The awards are an integral part of Bett each year.

Bett is Europe's greatest annual educational technology fair held in London, UK. It’s the perfect opportunity for education professionals to experiment with the latest technology, and exchange ideas with peers from around the world.

Being nominated at the Bett Awards 2018 is a great achievement and a reflection of our hard work and dedication in supporting teachers and learners with innovative technology.

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