What is i3ALLSTARS?

•  An exchange program for all teachers working with i3 solutions.​

•  An exchange program that rewards the users for their contribution.​

•  A group of enthusiastic people that love to share their experiences with other teachers around the globe.​


•  Be a member of the i3Community

•  Make your vote count – to make a difference

•  Get a VIP treatment

•  Inspire other teachers

•  Meet the i3COMMUNITY

•  Get international recognition

Who are i3ALLSTARS?

People who:​

•  Create & share activities & lessons​

•  Follow trainings in the i3ACADEMY​

•  Inspire others to work with i3LEARNHUB (referral)​

•  Help to curate content

•  Spread the word

•  Support i3 Events​

•  Follow online sessions

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